Rhythm Badges collect data on vocal activity and proximity to unveil conversational patterns.

Our studies have shown that team performance and group intelligence can be predicted by analyzing a groups' communication and interaction patterns. We've already shown that electronic badges greatly reduce both the cost of such studies and the unconscious bias inherent in recording group interaction data.


An inexpensive, comprehensive toolkit

In the interest of extending and enhancing this line of research, we have developed Rhythm Badges as an inexpensive research tool. Our platform includes a custom hardware badge, a base-station that pulls data from the badges and monitors them, and an Android app that shows real-time feedback on conversation dynamics in meetings. In addition, a badge-like app for Android OS is also available for quick deployment on smart-phones.

Open Source & Open Hardware

The Rhythm Badges platform is a first step towards creating an open research tool that simplifies the technology required for group interaction studies. To this end, we are making the technology available to the wider scientific community under the MIT license. The source code for the Rhythm Badges platform can be found on GitHub.

We hope that by using these tools, researchers may more easily study the nature of teams, group behavior, and the effects of novel visualizations and interventions on group performance in new settings and at larger scales.

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