Research Informed

Breakout is informed by leading group interaction research.

Improve Your Team

Increase team trust, engagement, and performance.

Up Your Social IQ

Quantify your communication and understand how your team interacts.

Breakout provides an ambient display that helps you and your team become more aware of your communication patterns.

Our research shows that simply taking taking a more equal number of turns in conversation is associated with higher collective intelligence in groups, more trust & engagement between team members, and generally increased performance.


Stay on the ball

You're always the solid blue dot at the top of the visualization. Everyone else is represented by a light blue outline.

If your team is talking equally and people are taking quick turns (how it should be), the ball will be green and in the center. The lower energy your team gets, the more pale the ball is. The more someone dominates the conversation, the more the ball will move towards them.